Greek Shipping Summit 2020: «The wind of change in Global Shipping»

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Greek Shipping Summit “2020: The wind of change in Global Shipping” which will take place on Wednesday June 5, 2019 at Eugenides Foundation in Athens, is supported by the Union of Greek Shipowners, and aims to highlight all those policies that will help strengthen the role of the shipping industry as the most important, environmentally friendly and more economical way of transporting goods.

Ministers of Shipping-Maritime-Energy-Trade, of the most important maritime countries in the world, experts from Greece and the international market, shipowners, shipbuilders, brokers, insurers, lawyers, economists, and academics will present the new route of the shipping industry after 2020.

The Special Session: “Geopolitics, Energy & Shipping”

Dedicated to the analysis of Geopolitics, Energy & Defense issues, we organise a Special Session, within the “Greek Shipping Summit 2020”, about the New Geopolitical Environment, Security of Energy & Defense and how these interact with Shipping in South East Europe – South East Mediterranean axis, concerning all the major stakeholders of the region.

This Special Session aims to answer the important strategic questions in this region by putting data at the heart of the discussion. We shall address the key questions affecting the region through the lens of geostrategy-geopolitics, routes, deals, and defense.

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Who We Are

South East Mediterranean Energy & Defense is a unique platform dedicated to Energy and Defense developments in the region which aims to:

  1. Publish news, analyses, and reports, as well as the official views of major stakeholders and key opinion leaders, in order to illustrate the geopolitical parameters that affect the region in general and particularly the European Union’s Southern Gas Corridor strategy, which aspires to diversify the Union’s natural gas import sources.
  2. Evaluate and present various options, strategies and measures from the European Union and/or its member states, who are affected primarily, as well as the major stakeholders in the region, and their investments, stability, and security cannot do but a serious energy security and defense policy.

We are a team of experts in the energy and defense industries who, present you in-depth reports and analyses, focusing on the “who is who” and “whys” behind the major events.

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